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TenPN.DecisionFlex.ToggleScriptAction Class Reference

helper action that toggles state of target behaviour More...

Inheritance diagram for TenPN.DecisionFlex.ToggleScriptAction:
TenPN.DecisionFlex.Action TenPN.DecisionFlex.IAction

Public Member Functions

override void Perform (IContext context)

Detailed Description

helper action that toggles state of target behaviour

If you have a script that you want enabled when the action is chosen, and disabled when not, this helper action is useful.

Actions don't normally get callbacks for not being chosen, so this finds the main DecisionFlex object and connects to its OnNewAction event.

Member Function Documentation

override void TenPN.DecisionFlex.ToggleScriptAction.Perform ( IContext  context)

Called once DecisionFlex has decided you can run.

[in]contextthe IContext in which DecisionFlex decided to run this action

Implements TenPN.DecisionFlex.Action.

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